1pc Rotary Spinning Tea light Candle


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  • Material: metal + glass Size: 8*8*16.5cm
  • Process: stamping, plating
  • Note:Item does not include candles
  • Because many guests do not want candles, our prices do not include candles.
  • about why it will turn because the candle is lit, the hot air rises, and the upper fan blades are rotated, no battery is needed, There must be a candle on the point (there is one reason for the lack of rotation because the candle flame is too small and the heat is not enough)
  • why some turn unbalanced, the rotation is not strong, in addition to the candle flame is too small, there is one is the transportation process Cause the blade to deform, you just have to carefully adjust the blade to the same angle.
Instructions for use:
  • when using the candlestick, it is best to have someone on the side, do not put it next to the curtain or beside the inflammable, please be sure to pay attention to fire safety.
  • after the candlestick is used, you must wait about 5 minutes to avoid hot hands, especially where the flame burns.
  • wipe with a wet towel for daily cleaning, if the stain is available, the cleaning agent currently available on the market, avoid using a solution with strong acidity and alkalinity.
  • the surface of the glass in winter is easy to frost, can be wiped with a cloth, concentrated saltwater, or white wine, the effect is very good.

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Weight1.1 lbs
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